Window of Opportunity

Long recognized by educators, psychologists and psychiatrists, the early years from 0 to 3 are a window of opportunity for playing, social engagement, and learning. Neuroscientific research further confirms this vital time for child development and informed early childhood professionals are crucial to care for, support and enhance children's first years.
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  • Learning

    Early Childhood is a time of immense brain development. From 0 to 5, infants, toddlers & young children discover the world & their place in it. Supported by neuroscientific research, our program puts emphasis on empathy, mindfulness, movement, social interaction, and choice.

  • Playing

    Our program is constructed on the value of playing. It recognizes from research that playing is in fact the "work" children do in their early years. Drawing on educational psychologists & neuroscientists, we teach the importance of play for healthy brains & happy children.

  • Discovering

    Primary caregivers & early childhood practitioners benefit from adding neuroscientific insights to their tool kit. Neuroscientists have made significant break-throughs in their understanding of what enhances & what hinders brain health & development.

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